What are blogs and how do they work 2018


                                      what is a blog?

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I am "Arvind Gupta" welcome you all. Today we will tell you what a blog is. Blog means "reaching out to people through the medium of the Internet"
Such as - Any one of your VIDEO or IMAGE, TEXT addictedKnow more about the meaning of blogging. Some people have told about blogging. Let's see the opinions of them: -

    There is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web which includes discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Usually post is displayed in River A blog (a sort of expression "weblog") (wikipedia)

     Blog is a compression that is widely used, but the original word is weblog. A blog is not really more than a place on the Internet where articles are posted regularly. This type of place can be a special blog platform (wordpress.com)

        What is the difference between blogs and blogging?

What we send text or images, video to others, through the internet is called a blog, and whoever looks at the blog and the image, text, and video sent to it, is called blogging. Blogging is a very good platform for the person who is interested in writing. You can create your passion for a career. Blogging allows you to earn good money sitting at home

                                 Blogging for beginners

                First of all, to start blogging, you think that we are starting blogging. And what do we want from blogging? If you are blogging just for money then you are thinking wrong. You make this your passion. You will not be able to do it properly unless you make it a passion. Unless you are interested, you will not be able to take it up. According to me, unless you work hard and honest with any work till that work, then that work will not be successful, then you do any job well. To start blogging, you need to pay attention to many things.

1: - Blogging Platform
2: - Domain names
3: - Website hosting
4: - Keyword Research
5: - Good content

1: - Blogging Platform - A good platform to start blogging should be. So that when you start the blog you can get help. Today there is a lot of Option on the market tomorrow but you have to use the best platform. If you want to go to my Roy, we will give you the right to start with WordPress. In WordPress, you get many kinds of help. By using which you can create a good blog.

2: - Domain name - You need a domain name to start the blog. This is very important for bringing google ranking. Today, there are many sites where you can get a domain name in very little money. ME You should take your domain name from Bluehost. This site is very good. You can take the domain name very seriously. This is one of the top 10 sites, most of the bloggers use the same site.

Just following you step by step you can do both domain name and hosting. This is a very easy and good site. You definitely use.

steep 1

 steep 2 


steep 3 



steep 4 

steep 5 


Just following you step by step you can do both domain name and hosting. This is a very easy and good site. You definitely use.

3: - Website hosting - You have to host hosting to give a good start to the blog. It also increases your blog's store. Hosting does help to bring your blog to google ranking. You've got hosting with Bluehost too. This is a very good platform. You will find the links of the site below.
click here - https://www.bluehost.com/

4: - Keyword Research - If you want to run your blog in google then it is very important that you research the keyword. If you're writing a blog on the topic, then you search the keyword for that topic. Unless you search, you will not get a good keyword. Today, there are many sites where you can search. But Google AdWords is a very good site. You can use it for free. You will get the link below. You can see how much your keyword is searching for in a month.
click here - www.googleadwords.com

5: - Good content - If your content is not good then you will not be able to run your blog in google. If the content is not good then traffic will not come too. So it is important that you write your content well. You've got to make your content more like them. Only then can there be something. When someone reads your blog, first you look at the contents of your content, and if you do not like your content, then it will not read your blog, so that you focus on your content. 

                                       Blogging site

It's very important to have a good blogging platform before starting a blog. You can get help in creating a blog and make it very comfortable. Today, there are many sites that blogging does. But you have to take your recommended good site. You will find some site names below which is good for blogging.

 • Medium.Com


                           How To Create A Blog

How do we make a blog? Today we will tell you to step by step in a very comfortable manner. If you have to know all the things you have been told then it is better to build a blog. We Blog You How to make the whole thing step by step is just telling you can create blogs

 First of all, you have to create a gmail id

 After that, you will have to sign in to that gmail id by visiting blogger.com. You can see in the image below

 After that, you have to click on create a blog, click after you
The image will be displayed on this desktop.

 After filling both title and address you have to select the theme then click on a creact blog

then you click 

Your blog has now been created Now you can write a post on your blog.

                       How To Start Writing A Blog

To write a blog, first of all, you will go to your blog and click on the new post.

 There will be some display in front of you.

 You may be looking at your post title above all you can write the title you want to give to your post. Under him, you will be seeing a lot of oopsen. You can shorten the text according to your own style and also its style, color, image and video, and much more.



According to us, wordpress is a good platform to start blogging on which you get many types of ops. Which can make a good blog by usingIf you like my blog or if you want to give your think,you can write your think in the comment box. I hope this post will help you to create a blog.

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