Best Way Make Money Online 2018

Best Way Make Money Online 2018

                Best Way Make Money Online 2018

Today's era is called the era of Internet, if you see today, everybody knows how to use the internet, it is used in every government office, nowadays the Internet is working from the mobile recharge Railway tickets are being sold on the Internet, we are going to tell 

you Make Money Online  with the help of internet in this post; Many people are also not convinced that someone can earn money online A. We are those today that are going to tell the Make Money Online through this post


The blog word has been driven from "weblog" and "web log". Blog is where you can share your musings, energy, ability or other 
individuals you think about. It tends to be done in some sort, for example, photographs, recordings or substance composing. 

 In the event that you are sharing great things, individuals will expand your fame. Blog is additionally called online diary and journal. Which implies you share your idea online with the entire world.

                                Blogging  platforms

There are lots of platforms to create a blog. Creating a blog on some platforms makes money and some are free. Most people start the blog on the free platform only. In this post I will tell you about some free platform where you can make your blog.


    If Talk To Wordpress Of WordPress So The World Is The Most Famous Platform In The World To Create Blog WordPress is the most widely used platform for blogs. This provides both free and paid platforms. You can create your own blog on whatever you want.

                               WordPress offers good service from the rest of the world. It is very easy to create a blog. In this you get lots of free themes which you can choose by your subject. Besides, you also get free plugins which help your blog come up with attractive as well as your blog in search engine visiblity.


    If you talk about Blogger, Blogger is also a free platform to create a blog. This is Google's own product, so Google keeps its service well. It also knows the name of blogspot. 

            What should be the purpose of creating a blog

Domain Name:   What is a Domain Name? If you speak in simple, then the domain name is Blog's web address. People who search by can access your blog.

This is why it is necessary that you choose a domain name for your blog that has less words and easier to remember. With this, people can come directly from search on your blog.

Domains You can buy only with popular extensions such as .com, .in, .net etc.

    Hosting:    What is Hosting? Hosting makes your blog online. Whatever type of post you write, you need hosting for the logo to reach the logo. Your blog will not be online without hosting. Until your hosting plan does not take your post on the internet Will look.

                 How to Make Money Online  from a Blog


 There are so many ways to earn from Blog that you can easily earn by using it. I am telling some important points from which you can easily Make Money Online

Adsense is a very large platform for anyone who wants to earn money for blogger. Before that you will have to join adsense. After the animation, you can apply ads on your blog with the help of Adsense and when someone clicks on that advertisement So you will get the money. Which will be your earning. 

To earn Affliate marketing, you have to join it. Today, a very sari company is providing an affiliate program that you can join with whom you like.


If your blog becomes famous then you will have a large company to advertise your product on your blog. You can Make Money Online

Best Way Make Money Online 2018


While YouTube is a largest video sharing platform, there is a medium through which you can easily earn a lot of money, though there are many people who create their own channel in YouTube and put good videos in it and full money Are also earning. So I also thought of writing a complete information on this article so that people can Make Money Online.

   How to Uplode Video on youtube And Make Money Online

First of all you create your personal and original video, which you can put in YouTube.Com.

    Whatever video you create should be 100% of you, that means your video must be absolutely unique (means should not be copied from anywhere and stolen).

    You must be the copyright owner of all your videos means all characters and musics should be of your own.

    After that you open your account at, if you already have a Google account, then you will not need to open a new account, because YouTube will link to your G-mail and other Google account.

    After all, upload your video to YouTube.Com
    After this, your video will start watching people, meaning people will start watching.

    To increase the traffic to the YouTube channel, you can share it on social media sites and share it with friends so that your views will grow.

After doing all this, your first step is completed, then you should always upload video, after that people will start watching your video, after that you will Make Money Online by monetizing the innings.   

Best Way Make Money Online 2018

                                      E- Commerce

E-commerce is the sale and purchase of services and goods through internet.
Many of the people you have made online shopping or you have sold any stuff online, such as ads on OLX, Flipkart, Amazon.

 That's what comes under e-commerce. It takes time to get a product when you can immediately get any product immediately on the physical shop. Even then, more benefits are seen than losses, so e-commerce is progressing gradually and in India too many people have started buying it using it and Make Money Online.

                           What is the Benefit of E-Commerce

 reduced cost

If the physical shop is not required, the cost of the shop is saved. Also, when e-commerce brings together suppliers together with consumers, the production cost is not even there.

 Big profit margin

Cost reduction and market expansion mean that, even with lower prices, a big profit margin can be obtained compared to traditional stores. More products are sold and Make Money Online.


This means that you can sell one or a thousand people at your own time at the same time. There is always a limit to the number of customers in a physical store that you can assist at the same time.

Best Way Make Money Online 2018

 Enhances the facility

Customers can order items for their convenience by sitting at their home. And they get its delivery only at their home. This is the best shopping option for those who are always busy.

 Compare products and prices

While shopping, the customer can compare the value of that item to many websites, which helps in buying the best products. With this, they can enjoy additional benefits like discounts and coupons.

 Easy Funds for Start-Up

Many people have the desire to do business, but there is not enough capital to take the shop. Physical stores are very expensive on the Liz. E-commerce makes it easy to start and Make Money Online.

 Access to Kanjumar

The access to the traditional business, such as the shop, is quite limited, whereas through the internet, the world can sell its products and services to Kanjumar.

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                    What is a Blog?

                               Share Market

Share means - "share" and "stock" in the stock market language - "share in companies". When you buy shares of a company, you  

become the shareholder of the company. For example, if a company issues a total of 1 lakh shares and you have purchased 10 thousand shares from it, you become a 10% shareholder of that company.  

Best Way Make Money Online 2018

You can sell these shares in the stock market whenever you want.
There are two stock markets in India

    Mumbai Stock Exchange (Sensex) - Bombay Stock Exchange - BSE (Sensex)

    National Stock Exchange, Delhi (Nifty) - National Stock Exchange - NSE (Nifty)

                                       Share Types

There are several types of share issues in India, some of which are some of the major shares which are discussed more often, they are as follows.

     Equity Shares 

     Preference Shares 

     Deferred Shares 

     Bonus Shares

                          Benefits of Buying Stock

By buying a stock, you can get a good return. A lot of companies have registered in the share market, from which you can invest  

your money by choosing any good company. It is better to destroy the rupee in the bank that you invest your Make Money Online in the stock   

Best Trike Make Money Online 2018

market, but think carefully Because sometimes you can make Lakhhipati even if you do this, sometimes your lakhs can turn into thousands. There is a risk in it.

                                     Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves joining a company's affiliate program, selling their products through sources such as blog / website, etc, in exchange for which the company gives you a commission. 

When a company needs to promote their products, they start their affiliate program.

Then when someone joins the program, the company gives links to promote their products, which they put on their website or blog.
Best Trike Make Money Online 2018

Now whenever a visitor clicks on that link and after purchasing any product by reaching the company's website, the company gets commissioned in return.


Best Affiliate Marketing Sites :

2.Snapdeal Affiliate


                 How to Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing


To make money from Affiliate Marketing, first of all, need a website, Blog, Youtube channel or email Subscriber to promote products and services.

Through which you will promote Affiliate products or services.

If you do not have any of these things, then first create the website, blog, youtube channel or email list.

As soon as your website, youtube channel or blog is created then you have to choose the products according to the website blog or the niche of Youtube channel, which ones will be useful for your viewers or subscribers.
Best Trike Make Money Online 2018

After choosing the products, you have to join the affiliate program of a well-qualified company.

You can see the websites listed above to choose a company with a good affiliates program.

After selecting the company, you only have to signup for the affiliate program, and then promoting the company's products and services through referral or affiliate links, banners, etc.

As soon as people buy the products you promote, you will get fixed money on sale of each product.

Conclusion : 

    We have told in the post how to earn online money. Give your thoughts in the comment box
You do not use any shortcuts


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